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Moreover, GaGà Milano is always on the lookout for innovative materials and technical solutions, aimed at making the notorious watch brand increasingly competitive on the market and aesthetically important. It is in this atmosphere of continual overcoming of its own limits, that the brand has presented its personal interpretation of the tourbillon movement, during the Manufacture inauguration. The movement is mounted on the iconic Manuale 48 model, in pink gold, and embellished by placing white diamonds on loops, lunette, side of the case, buckle and the numbering, while the face is a black diamond pave. A fundamental step ahead that changes the substance of GaGà creations, without altering their distinctive traits that constitute a personal tribute to pocket watches. The case of big dimensions, with the beautiful crown at 12 o’ clock, and the valuable relief numbering give the creations an extravagant and modern touch.
The desire to always aspire to the best has brought GaGà Milano to open Manufacture GaGà S.A., located in Switzerland. This was a necessary step, as much as a natural one, originated by the desire to use prestigious Swiss Made movements.A great step for the company, which went from being an original, creative and exuberant watch brand, to obtaining the rightful recognition from the technical point of view as well, secure its presence in the highly-regarded Swiss watch Olympus. Indeed, the Manufacture deals with all kind of mechanic and non-mechanic watches, and the collection in its entirety: from the planning and production, to the final assembly. Manufacture GaGà S.A. takes care of the creation and assembly of the Depa 98 Mechanism, realized specifically for GaGà Milano. The Mechanism, which guarantees the brand a new identity, typical of luxury watch brands, undergoes continuous and meticulous controls to guarantee its efficiency thanks to special precision machines.