GaGà Milano is a company founded in 2004 thanks to the versatile creativity of Ruben Tomella; it owes its name to a particular way of living, looking and dealing with the world.

“Gagà” is an old-fashioned expression, very popular in the '50s, to define a kind of man more timely than ever: elegant but quirky, careful to fashion trends always revised with irony and elegance, without neglecting details.

In a short time the company grows and develops to international acclaim, opening stores in the most exclusive locations in Italy and around the world. In fact, Gagà Milano has increased its prestige through a strong expansion of the global market by imposing itself in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

A very important and unexpected success, which has led to positive numbers and budgetary data growing in such economic downturn.

The first collection of watches Manual Movement embodies the strong brand identity and comes from a simple and smart idea: to apply a strap to a nineteenth century pocket watch and wear it on your wrist; a watch that undermines the rules and blends classic time and futuristic visions.

The highest quality of materials, craftsmanship, the Italian care for details, make it in a short a model of originality, sophistication and innovation. Then come the lines Chrono, 40mm Manual, Limited Edition, Slim 46, Napoleone, Napoleone Lady, Thin and Tourbillon that keep the strong brand identity, combining a careful research of new materials to technological innovations.

Among GaGà Milano collections there are patterns embellished with diamonds,watch case in carbon fiber, real jewels for male and female customers increasingly demanding.

As well as watches, Ruben Tomella is developing a full line of accessories, constantly looking for new challenges and inspirations: sunglasses, leather goods, jewelery in perfect GaGà Milano's style: highest quality materials, handicraft, technological innovation, originality and irony.
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